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    Top Five Mistakes Business Owners Make When Using Quickbooks

    As a small business owner, your desire is to do things the right way. And one of those things is to track your expenses. So what do you do? You go out and buy QuickBooks or Peachtree or some other small business accounting program. And then you make the #1 mistake all businesses make when they purchase a software package – you don’t maximize the program and use it to it full capability.

  • Accounting Topics

    Bill Paying and Organizing Paperwork

    Seniors get overwhelmed with mail and paperwork. They have many ways of coping. Unfortunately, their coping methods do not get the bills paid. They need aDaily Money Manager to keep bills and finances current.

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    More money saving tips for small business

    If you're the owner or manager of a small business, you've undoubtedly felt the pain of this economy's ever-so-slow recovery. Demand for your products or services may have dwindled and when revenues are down, businesses need to adjust by tightening their belts. But reducing expenses is a balancing act. Cut costs that make a significant contribution to your income, and you may find revenues declining further. Trim expenses that are "fat" — unnecessary because they don't bolster the bottom line — and your firm can become leaner and better able to compete.

    Should you lease or buy business equipment?

    It's not easy to decide whether it's wiser to buy or lease a piece of business equipment. For most business owners, the first impulse is to buy. But there may be times when leasing is preferable.

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